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Wednesday October 26 Day 186 and Thursday October 27 Day 187


I had such a long, busy day yesterday, I forgot to post here.  I was out of the house from 7am until 945pm, so I went straight to bed.

100 calories on bike
5 stair runs
3 rounds

He wrong “push it” so I did it as fast as I could.  All things considered on how freaking hard cardio focused workouts are for me, I did it all and I wanted to puke.


He got a little fussy about the smoking yesterday, which I knew he would make me suffer in my workout today too.  He did not disappoint.

20 step ups (w/10# in each hand)
20 sit ups
5 stair runs
4 rounds

Yeah.  My legs were shaky during the 2nd round of step ups.  I cheated and only did 4 stair runs for the last 2 rounds, but I did the rest.  Blech.

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