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Friday October 28 – Day 188

I went into today feeling beat up, chewed up and spit out.  I don’t know why I was dragging ass so badly, but I was.

I asked him to send me something for today and found out that he was working today, so he’d get to kick my butt in person again like when he’s on duty on his regular days.

50 calories on bike (ugh!)
25 sit ups (awesome!)
50 Russian twists (OMG)
4 rounds

Apparently, that whole “my legs feel like bricks and they burn” feeling while I’m on the bike is what is supposed to happen while I’m on the bike.  Imagine my disappointment with that.  HA!  Also, he had me use the medicine ball (12#) during the Russian twists.  Yuck.  Those hurt.

I am incredibly happy it’s Friday and I get to rest for two days.

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