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Archive for November, 2011

Wednesday November 30 – Day 208

I had a pretty crappy day.  Nothing work related though, so it’s all good.  I got through the day and at 4pm, I was heading downstairs to get tortured.  I mean, get my workout from The Trainer who was actually working a trade today.

20 box jumps (20″ box)
20 push ups
20 squats
5 rounds

I did it in 26:20:9

And it kicked my butt.  It felt good though.  I like simple stuff like that.  Although it wasn’t really simple, it just seemed that way on paper.  lol

Tuesday November 29 – Day 207

Since it was his duty day, I didn’t bug The Trainer for a workout because I knew he’d make one up for me to do while they were doing their own workout.

Just as he was getting ready to write it down on the white board, they got a call.  *sigh*  I kind of wandered, doing some stretching and warm up and decided to get on the bike for a bit to see if they came back quickly.

I did 50 calories on the bike and then wanted to try knee ups, to see how my shoulder blade took to hanging from a pull up bar.

As I was doing the knee ups, they returned and made up something feeding off of what I’d already done

50 calories on bike
25 knee ups
50 Russian twists
25 sit ups
4 rounds

The hardest part was the knee ups.  I didn’t have my workout gloves down there with me so the bar tore up my hand.  I should say the tape around the bar tore up my hands.  Ugh!

I could not finish the last round of knee ups, due to my shoulder blade not digging those much.  I did 10 of them instead of the 25 for the round.

I’ve decided I need to change my eating habits.  In a big way.  I mean, I don’t eat 100% unhealthy all the time, but it could improve.  I am, yet again, setting a goal for this and will start working on it.

What to do, what to do.

I don’t know what I want to do with this place.  It’s coming up for renewal and I’m at a loss as to whether I want to renew and keep the URL.  I most likely will, whether I utilize the blog or not.  There are too many memories in this place for me to just walk away from.  I’ve bled on these pages.  I’ve expressed myself, I’ve found myself and I’ve learned about myself.

I’m thinking of moving my fitness blog information over here and just switching it up.  However, not many people know about the fitness blog and I kinda like that.  I don’t think I want it mixed with all my personal stuff here.  We’ll see how I feel about it later.  I’m coming up on my one year anniversary (December 7th) of working out almost every day during the work week.  Today was day 207 of work outs.  What a difference it has made in my life.  I’m still smoking, unfortunately, but someone at work called me the “fittest smoker” they know.  HA!  I didn’t know whether to thank them or punch them in the throat.  I couldn’t decide, so I just smiled and walked away.

I’ve evolved so many times and I’ve shared all of those feelings and emotions here.  I evolve every day and sometimes I don’t like what I see.  I make changes here and there, I make goals and strive to meet that goal within a time period that I know I can accomplish said goal.  I’ve spent the last 9 months working on financial goals and I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with a lot of those goals.  One day at a time, right?

For now, I am going to keep this place.  I realized, as I typed this out, I am too emotionally invested in this blog to let it go anytime soon.  Although, it seems to collect dust more than anything since I don’t use it very often.

Until next time…

Monday November 28 – Day 206

I never heard back from him so I had an idea that I would half ass.  While I don’t think I did, I’m sure he would disagree and I’ll just tell him to KMA since he never got back to me!

100 sit ups
75 squats
50 (total) one arm bent over row (10#)
100 jump rope
15 push ups
10 (each) shoulder press (10# – one arm at a time)
25 box jumps

I made it up as I went along and felt okay with it.  However, on my last box jump I must have gotten distracted cause I started to land on my left foot and it was twisted.  Thankfully, I moved quick enough to get it right before my entire body weight landed on it.  I did twist it a bit and I’m currently icing it.  I’m sure it’ll be fine!

Wednesday November 23 – Day 205

Last day of the week for workouts….unless I get a wild hair up my a$$ and decide to do something here at home.  If I do, I will post here.  But with the way my arms are feeling after this week?  I probably won’t.  I can barely move without whimpering.

This workout excited me more than most.  Simply for the first thing on the list.  I’ve been talking about doing these again for almost 8 months.

5 burpees
10 push ups
15 sit ups
20 squats
50 jump ropes
4 rounds

Fun fun fun!  The burpees actually felt better than the push ups did, that’s for certain.  I don’t know if it was because I wasn’t constantly holding myself up during the burpees or what.  It was so fast (the push up part of it) that it didn’t really hurt at all while I was doing them.

I was pretty pleased with this workout.  I enjoyed it.  I also got to chat with The Trainer a bit when I was leaving about my feet cramping up.  He said it could just be the way I’m jumping onto the boxes that cause the cramping every time I do them.  Could be my shoes are old and they are pinching my feet in a weird way when I jump on the box.  Basically, he didn’t really know what was causing the cramping.  lol  He did say, however, that since they (my feet) have muscles and tendons just like everywhere else in my body, they are prone to getting cramps and feeling sore too.  Who woulda thunk it.  😛

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday November 22 – Day 204

Besides barely being able to move my arms from the last two days of workouts, I’m feeling pretty good with this one.

10 deadlift (65#)
20 box jumps (20″)
10 shoulder press (each arm – 10#)
5 rounds

My the 5th round, my feet were cramping up, which is a normal occurrence during box jumps.  Don’t know what’s up with that.  I think it’s my shoes.  I need new ones since I’ve been wearing this for over a year.  *sigh*  Just one more thing to add to the list of things I need! lol

Monday November 21 – Day 203

I asked him pretty early for a workout.  Ya never know what he’s going to send me, so I wasn’t really looking forward too, but I’ve made this commitment to myself to not give up and to keep doing the best I can with the crap he hands out.  Today, I was tested.

20 calories on bike
10 ring rows
15 push ups (hand releases – more explanation below)
20 sit ups
25 squats
2 stair runs
4 rounds

He told me to try to compete with the times that were on the board.  So this meant, time myself.  Which I did and after the workout, I told him it was horrifying and the time it took me to do it will go with me to my grave.  *shiver*

Each push up, I had to lift my hands off the ground.  Yeah.  That was NOT fun.  The ring rows were actually the hardest part for me, since I had never done them before.  The rings were set pretty low, so I had to lay down under them and pull myself up.  Uhhh right.  I think I was able to lift myself about an inch each time.  But at least I tried.

My arms were all shaky when I was done and they currently feel like wet noodles.  And I’m incredibly sleepy!

Friday November 18 – Day 202

I had kind of a crappy day.  I read the indictment on Sandusky from Penn State and it immediately put me in a bad mood that lasted pretty much all day.

20 calories on bike
2 stair runs
20 alt (one arm) db shoulder presses (10#)
50 situps (10#)
3 rounds

It wasn’t too bad.  The hardest part was holding that 10# dumbbell to my chest during the sit ups.  lol  It helped me sweat most of the funk of this day away.

Now to enjoy my two days of rest!

Thursday November 17 – Day 201

I was a little apprehensive heading to the gym today.  I’m sure you can imagine why.  He was working today so I had no idea what he had in store.  You never know with this sadistic Crossfit coach.  Ya know?

I was pleasantly surprised when he gave me:

50 calories on bike
100 jump ropes
4 rounds

My legs felt like bricks during the entire thing, but I got through it pretty easily.

When I was leaving, I asked him to omit any push ups or stair runs for the next week.  We bantered back and forth and agreed at least until Tuesday there will be no push ups or stairs in my workouts.  LOL  Taking what I can get!

Wednesday November 16 – Day 200

I made it.  I made it to day #200!  So pleased with that for some reason.

However, I am NOT pleased with the fact I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut.  I told him that it was day #200 and as soon as I sent that text, I knew.  I knew he would concoct some awful, horrifying workout for me.

He did not disappoint.

20 stair runs
200 sit ups
200 calories on bike
every 3 minutes on the minute:
10 push ups
10 shoulder presses

Seriously?  I didn’t know what he meant by the every 3 minutes thing so I asked.  *sigh*  I should have just ignored it.  Really.

Start the clock.  At 3 minutes, stop what I’m doing and do 10 push ups and 10 presses and then go back to what I was doing.  At 6 minutes, stop what I’m doing and do 10 push ups and 10 presses.  So on and so forth.  I died.  I thought I hurt my shoulder again.  I did 27 minutes of stairs and push ups and presses until I couldn’t take it anymore.  I left out the rest of the push ups and presses and just did the situps and bike.

Holy crap.  I’m hoping I’ve learned my lesson in telling him shit.  I feel like crying now.