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One year later…

I’m sitting here before work, thinking about how my life has changed, improved, grown, etc., in the last year.  One year ago yesterday, I asked a coworker to make up a workout for me everyday.  In the last year, he has missed/forgotten a handful of times to send me something.  Beyond that, he has sent me a workout via text or on his duty days, he’s made something up for me.

One year of Crossfit type workouts and I am creeping into a size 10 (my goal is size 8).  I started at size 14.  One year of these workouts and I lost 26 pounds and then gained 7 back and then lost another 2, so I’m sitting at a total of 21 pounds lost.  I have yet to really change my eating habits along with this workout regiment.  However, for this next year or workouts, I’m going to work on my eating habits and try to eat healthier so I can see even more results than I already have.

I’ve felt better about myself, other people and life in general in the last year than I have in quite sometime.  I’m pleased with the results I’ve seen, I like how I feel.  I like how I look.  I’ve also formed a different kind of bond with some of my coworkers who workout with me everyday.  Same group of people, everyday.  We encourage each other to keep going when we know all we want to do is lay down on the blue mat and die.  We congratulate each other on finishing a difficult workout.

I’m blessed to work with such awesome people and have the opportunities I do with having a gym in the basement and the abilities to use that gym.

Also, I’ve decided to keep the blog.  Too many memories around this place and I’m just not ready to let it go.

Until next time…

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