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Archive for January, 2012

Tuesday January 31 – Day 239

He actually had me do what he had the other guys doing….which is rare, very rare.  They do mostly lifting heavy weights and I do mostly cardio and body weight stuff.

1 stair run
5 clapping push ups (I did regular push ups)
10 box jumps – 24″ box (I did step ups on the 24″ box)
15 v ups
20 squats

20 minute AMRAP

I did 5 full rounds plus one stair run.  I could have done better, but I had to pause and breathe and get water twice.  I recovered quite quickly, since it’s stuff I’m used to doing.

The 24″ box was new for me and he could see that I was intimidated by jumping up to it, so he had me do the step ups.  The push ups I actually did regular push ups for all rounds but the last round, I did them on my knees.  So that was 20 push ups – regular style!  SQUEEEEE!

Monday January 30 – Day 238

My first day back from my Florida trip and he punishes me for being gone for a week:

5 stair runs
30 calories on bike
20 push ups
30 sit ups
40 squats
3 rounds

It took me 40 minutes to do it, but I did about 90% of this.  I cut back on stairs and bike during the 3rd round and I cut down to 30 squats in the 3rd round as well.  I’m sure he’d kick my butt if he knew, but I did what I felt comfortable with.

I’ve hit a weight goal I had.  In July I set a goal I wanted to hit by February 1 and two days before that deadline, I am at that goal!  SQUEEEEEE!  I wanted to be below 170.  I am now sitting at 169.4.  I am so bloody excited I had to brag.  This puts me at a total of 27 pounds lost since I started this Crossfit style workout journey.

Monday January 23 – Day 237

When I asked for a workout, I told him “while I don’t need the ass kicking I got yesterday, could you send me something?” ha ha I was so NOT willing to have my lungs fall out, ya know?

10 db thrusters (15# each hand)
15 push ups
25 v ups
4 rounds

Ahhh much better!

Off to Florida for the rest of the week for a conference, so I may not get a workout in until Monday of next week.  If I get a wild hair, I may use the gym there at the hotel.

Sunday January 22 – Day 236

I’ve been having a rough weekend, so I got a wild hair to go to the firehouse to use the gym and workout.  I asked the Trainer to make something up for me and he said he would.

When I got there, we chatted for a bit and then the guys kept telling me good luck on the workout and all that.  Great.  That means it’s bad!

25 calories on bike
3 stair runs
10 deadlifts (95#)
10 burpees
lunges up and back (from mirror to mirror on each side of the gym – approximately 20 each way)
5 rounds

o___O  I’m dying.

In the middle of the 3rd round, I stopped and used my inhaler.  It also took me an hour and 5 minutes.  But I finished it all.

Exactly what I needed.

Friday January 20 – Day 235

I had a crappy day.  I needed this ass kicking.  I think.  Maybe.

10 rounds of:
1 stair run
20 squats

Y’all know what I do with the “fast” portion of these workouts.  I tend to ignore them. But I got this done in 25 minutes.  I’m exhausted!

Thursday January 19 – Day 234

I skipped yesterday because of those union meetings.  He threw me right back into it today


KB deadlifts

The Kettlebell we have is 70 pounds.  It sits closer to the ground than the barbell w/weights on it.  My back is hating both me and The Trainer right now.  It kicked my butt!

Thankfully, tomorrow is Friday!

Tuesday January 17 – Day 233

Skipped yesterday since it was a holiday.  Tomorrow is going to be iffy since I have to be to the union hall at 5pm for the meetings.  This is a thorn in my side, since I may have to workout on my lunch hour instead.  Pfft.

10 push ups
15 sit ups
20 squats
20 minute AMRAP

I did 10 full rounds + 10 push ups.  Not too bad.  Kicked my butt accordingly.

Well hey there!

Life has certainly gotten in the way of posting on this blog.  I still post somewhere else everyday, but I find I lack the time or lack the enthusiasm to find the time, to post here.  I’d say I’m going to work on that, but really?  I’d probably be lying.

I went to a GA meeting recently and I had a bit of an epiphany while I was sharing about some crazy shit in my head.  This epiphany has led me down a road of self discovery, yet again.  Since I’m not stranger to change, I’m not afraid of making changes.  I’m also not afraid to look in my mirror and see what needs improving.  I’m not saying I do it perfectly or even as often as I should or could, but I do take my own inventory everyday.

During this epiphany, I started to cry and almost started to beat myself up for not noticing sooner the pattern.  I mean, I’ve always seen a pattern in a certain area of my life (shit, in MANY areas of my life), yet for some reason this time, something clicked.  Something clicked so loudly in my head I realized how grateful I am for the fact I had this epiphany.  The changes I’m working on making are all inside of me.  While normally I would think they will be difficult, I’ve actually already started making these changes.  Before I even realized why I was making those changes.

I went to lunch with a friend at work today and we were discussing some of this epiphany and some of the changes I had already been making before having it.  We discussed things and she brought a new perspective for me.  I’m glad I have people like her in my life.  There are very few people I feel 100% comfortable talking about this stuff with and she is definitely one of them.

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be truly healed from past relationships, past things I’ve done to myself, things done to me, etc. etc.  And then I stop that line of thinking and decide that I can choose healing.  I can choose to actually leave that part of my past where it belongs.  In the past, history, a part of who I am but not who I am today.  I’ve been a work in progress for 42 years.   Everything I’ve ever done or have been through was a part of the journey to become who I am and who I am becoming.

“I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” I’ve been changed by things that have happened to me.  I’ve even been reduced by them in the past.  Today, not so much.  I refuse to be reduced by anything or anyone.  I know my worth.  I know what I deserve.  And for me, that’s all that matters.

Until next time…

Friday January 13 Day 232

I told someone today that he was going to give me stairs.  I just get these gut feelings.  I was right.

25 calories on bike
2 stair runs
10 burpees
5 rounds

Seriously!  5 rounds?  Good Lord.  I did it.  And now I’m home for the 3 day weekend.

Thursday January 12 – Day 231

It wasn’t too bad of a day.  I’m fighting off a sore throat, a cold and a cold sore.  The cold sore seemed to be the only thing that was working with me today.  I used Neosporin w/pain relief on it every couple hours and it’s has shrunk in size by half.  This is promising.

I chose a color for my office at work and they painted today.  It turned a brownish mauve-y pink.  *sigh*  It made me a little crazy.  So my text to The Trainer included these exact words….”Please remember to send me something.  They are painting my office pink, I have a cold and I need my ass kicked.  kthx”

He did not disappoint –

10 calories on bike – super fast
10 deadlift (95#)
10 burpees
10 V ups
15 minute AMRAP

I did a total of 4 rounds + 10 cal and 10 dl.  Not too bad.  Kicked my ass in 15 minutes and I was home by 5:20p.m.