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Sunday January 22 – Day 236

I’ve been having a rough weekend, so I got a wild hair to go to the firehouse to use the gym and workout.  I asked the Trainer to make something up for me and he said he would.

When I got there, we chatted for a bit and then the guys kept telling me good luck on the workout and all that.  Great.  That means it’s bad!

25 calories on bike
3 stair runs
10 deadlifts (95#)
10 burpees
lunges up and back (from mirror to mirror on each side of the gym – approximately 20 each way)
5 rounds

o___O  I’m dying.

In the middle of the 3rd round, I stopped and used my inhaler.  It also took me an hour and 5 minutes.  But I finished it all.

Exactly what I needed.

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