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Tuesday January 31 – Day 239

He actually had me do what he had the other guys doing….which is rare, very rare.  They do mostly lifting heavy weights and I do mostly cardio and body weight stuff.

1 stair run
5 clapping push ups (I did regular push ups)
10 box jumps – 24″ box (I did step ups on the 24″ box)
15 v ups
20 squats

20 minute AMRAP

I did 5 full rounds plus one stair run.  I could have done better, but I had to pause and breathe and get water twice.  I recovered quite quickly, since it’s stuff I’m used to doing.

The 24″ box was new for me and he could see that I was intimidated by jumping up to it, so he had me do the step ups.  The push ups I actually did regular push ups for all rounds but the last round, I did them on my knees.  So that was 20 push ups – regular style!  SQUEEEEE!

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