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Archive for February, 2012

Tuesday February 28 – Day 254

Shoulder was feeling much better today….not burpee better, but better.

10 deadlifts (heavy)
20 push ups
30 v ups
5 rounds

Yuck, yuck and double yuck.  The “heavy” for the deadlifts was 95 for me.  I can’t seem to build up the courage to go heavier yet.  I’m sure I will eventually.  We have some 10 pound plates I could add, to make it 115 or something.  Just haven’t been brave enough!

Monday – February 27 – Day 253

I asked for him to go light on my shoulder, since it’s been bugging me since those burpees on Thursday.  I didn’t mention anything about my lower lung capacity cause of my sinus infection though.

3 stair runs
30 v ups
40 squats
50 Russian twists
3 rounds

I did this one pretty fast, I just wanted to be done and come home.

Thursday February 23 – Day 252

I couldn’t do all of this.  But, I tried my hardest and I got my butt kicked anyway.

4 stair runs
30 calories on bike
30 v ups
30 Russian twists
20 burpees

I hate to admit it, I’ve been fighting it, but my right shoulder is not right.  It’s acting funny and it hurts a lot throughout the day.  Burpees make it pop and act strange.  I cut out most of the burpees in this workout and I cut out some of the stairs.  My allergies/sinus problem I’m having makes it hard for me to breathe through my nose, or at all sometimes so I did what I could.

Wednesday February 22 – Day 251

I woke up feeling worse than yesterday.  My throat was dry and painful, my nose was all clogged up and I had started a bit of coughing.  I need to break down and get something to help dry up the sinuses.

I had a feeling he was going to kick my butt, simply because I’m not feeling well.  He doesn’t know that I’m sick, I haven’t told him.

2 stair runs
50 lunges
50 v ups
4 rounds

Uhhh yeah.  I forgot how to breathe cause of the stair runs, but I did it all – even with my cold.

Tuesday February 21 – Day 250

250 workouts ago, I did my first workout of:
1 stair run
15 squats
10 push ups (on knees)
20 lunges
15 sit ups
3 rounds

My how times have changed.  I recently told him I’d like to learn how to do a pull up.  So this means I need to strengthen my arms and upper body.  Ummm yikes.  For the last week, you’ll notice I’ve had A LOT of things with arms in them.

2 stair runs
20 calories on bike
10 ring rows
20 jump squats
5 rounds

Ouch!  My arms were already sore from the push ups and jumping pull ups from yesterday.  Ugh.  I may not be able to wash my hair tomorrow.  Which will make me a little cranky that I have to turn my head upside down in the shower.  But I will wash my hair like that if I can’t raise my arms.

I’ve noticed some marked improvement in the ring rows.  I used to have to almost stand up completely to complete them.  Now I’m at such an angle were I’m about halfway to the ground.  YAY!  I will work on those and will soon be able to lay straight (above the ground) on my back and pull myself up.  I figure I’ll hit that milestone around the same time as I hit the regular (or butterfly form) pull up.

Monday, February 20 – Day 249

I had this weird feeling he would be giving me jump ropes today.  I don’t know why.  He tends to give them to me on the shift I like the least.

10 jumping pull ups
20 push ups
30 squats
150 jump ropes
4 rounds

Seriously?! A total of 600 jump ropes….*sigh*  Do you want to know what a bunch of firefighters do when a woman does jump ropes around them?  They stop what they are doing and they stare.  They make it obvious they are staring too.  There is one shift where NOT ONE of them makes it obvious they are staring.  Today was NOT that shift.  Thankfully though, there were only two of them and one of them didn’t do it at all that I saw and the other was distracted enough in his workout to not pay me any attention.

Thursday February 16 – Day 247 & Friday February 17 – Day 248

I skipped Wednesday cause I wasn’t feeling well and I had to go work at the Goodwill until 9pm.  It was exhausting.

10 stair runs
50 calories on bike
200 jump ropes
150 squats
100 v ups
75 shoulder press
50 push ups
25 ring rows

Seriously?!  I ended up NOT doing the shoulder presses because I had to go to Goodwill again.  It kicked my butt.

15 deadlifts (95#)
10 burpees
5 rounds
and then:
25 supermans
25 sit ups
30 Russian twists

I’m going to go die now.  Brutal.

Tuesday February 14 – Day 246

Every now and then, he goes kinda easy on me.  Even though what I consider “easy” may not be for the fitness beginner….

20 calories on bike
20 jump squats
20 push ups
20 ring rows
5 rounds

It had me sweating, and it didn’t really kick my ass like I’m used to.  I’m not complaining!

Monday February 13 – Day 245

5 push press (15# push press)
7 box jumps (20″ box)
10 sit ups

15 minute AMRAP.

We know how much I love AMRAP workouts!  I did 10 full rounds + 5 push press.

Friday, February 10 – Day 244

I did Zumba yesterday.  We did a full Zumba workout this time and I still didn’t really get anything out of it.  I broke a sweat a few times and was not huffing and puffing when I was done.  I know what a good workout for me feels like and that was not it.  I’ll be sticking to Crossfit from now on.

However, after today’s punishment workout, I am doubting my abilities:

25 burpees
50 thrusters (35# barbell)
50 box jumps
25 burpees
50 v ups
50 jump squats
25 burpees
50 ring rows
50 push ups
25 burpees

During the 2nd set of burpees, I heard and felt my right shoulder (previously injured one) “pop”  It didn’t hurt, but it sure didn’t feel good.  I skipped the burpees for the rest of this workout.

I did 35 jump squats, ring rows and push ups.  I tried to do the last set of burpees, but the shoulder did not feel right so I stopped.  I’m icing it and will baby it this weekend.