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Archive for March, 2012

Thursday March 29 – Day 268

50 sit ups
50 Russian twists
50 calories on bike
3 rounds
time: 33:03

Blech.  The bike slows me WAY down.  But I did all 3 rounds and all reps, so I’m pleased with how it turned out.  My main focus with these workouts is to finish them.  The time I really worry about how fast I’m getting it done is during the AMRAP workouts.  Those I find myself pushing and pushing to get more rounds in.

I’ve gone three days without smoking.  I’m pleased with this, but would really like a cigarette.  😛

Tuesday March 27 – Day 267

20 calories on bike
10 deadlifts (95#)
15 push ups
20 alt v ups – each side (total of 40)
30 overhead lunges (10# plate)
3 rounds

I almost puked.  It was a mixture of the workout kicking my ass and the fact I quit smoking so my tummy is upset from the nicotine withdrawals.

Monday March 26 – Day 266

Man o man.  I never heard from The Trainer today, so I did a workout he gave me back in February.  I did really bad with it.

5 push press (15# db)
7 box jumps (20″ box)
10 sit ups

Today, I did 7 rounds plus 5 push press & 5 box jumps.  Back in February when I did this same exact workout, I did 10 full rounds plus 5 push press.  *sigh*  so disappointing.  I know what I need to do.

Wednesday March 21 – Day 265

I forgot to post this Wednesday because I got distracted by the fact I didn’t do all that well with it.

2 stair runs
10 deadlifts (95#)
10 push ups
50 Russian twists
15 minute AMRAP

While I just love AMRAP workouts, they are a good guide on how I’m doing throughout this journey.  I sucked with this one.  I’ve done one similar to this and nailed it with like 4 rounds + some stairs.  Wednesday, I did almost 3 full rounds (I was 10 twists shy of 3 full).  It was horrible.

I really need to quit smoking again.  Time to set a quit date and stick it out (again).

Tuesday March 20 – Day 264

Happy First Day of Spring!  It was 86 degrees here today.  Quite warm, but very low humidity so it wasn’t unbearable!

10 knees to elbows (first time!)
10 ring rows
10 push ups
10 jump lunges
7 rounds
time: 19:08:57

This absolutely kicked my butt!  My arms and shoulders are so unhappy with me right now.  However, I’m thrilled because I was actually able to do the knees to elbows!  It was the first time he’s given me those and I figured they couldn’t be much different than the knee ups he’s had me do, right?  I was right!  Instead of just raising my knees, I brought them all the way up to my elbows while I was hanging from the pull up bar!  Exciting!

Monday March 19 – Day 263

I never heard back from the Trainer today, so I had to make something up myself.  I decided to do a timed workout (AMRAP) so that I’d get outta there fast, but still get my butt kicked.  No matter how many times I make stuff up myself, I never seem to kick my ass the way he does.

10 push ups
15 sit ups
20 squats
20 minute AMRAP

I did a full 10 rounds + 10 push ups.  If you remember that far back, this is the exact amount I got on this the last time I did it.  Which tells me I half assed it today.  I didn’t make any progress whatsoever with it.  Pfft.

What’s up with you people?

What’s going on people?  How’s life treating you?

Life throws in curve balls every now and then for me.  I’ll be cruising along, getting things in order, doing well and then BAM!  Something happens and my life gets topsy turvy for a day or two and then it settles down and gets better.

Here is a bullet list of updates about me:

  • My love life is improving.  I don’t talk about it online – at all.  So that’s all you get.  I will just say this, WOW!
  • You’ll also be pleased to know this is the first situation where I did not follow my old patterns.  Which pleases me greatly.
  • My car broke down this past Monday and effectively ended any and all plans I had for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities today.
  • Work is going pretty well.  I think I’ve adjusted (finally) to just being a worker bee and not management.  It only took almost four years.
  • My new business has been slow, but it’s improving with two things coming up at the end of this month that will definitely improve things.
  • Learning how to market this has been my biggest obstacle.  Each time I branch out of my comfort zone, I find it’s a little easier than I let myself believe at the beginning.
  • I learned how to use Skype for the first time this past week.  Yeah.  I’m way late to that game and I’m okay with that.
  • I’m still working out almost everyday.  I did, however, move it down to 4 days a week instead of 5.  I have decided to start skipping most Fridays, along with my weekends to recover.
  • I do this because I realized my knees are not enjoying working out all 5 days of the work week and if I don’t slow down, I’ll burn out and hurt myself.
  • My car will be paid off in June.
  • Just in time to take that money and throw it at my student loans.  I had to ask for a forbearance on those until July, so that I know I’d have the money for them once the car was paid off.
  • The weather has jacked up my allergies, asthma and sinuses.  Makes me cranky and miserable most days when it comes to those.
  • I finally read The Hunger Games trilogy of books.
  • I now can hardly wait to see the movie.

I hope you’re all doing well, that life is treating you kindly.  Life is short, enjoy it, be kind to each other and especially be kind to yourself.

Until next time….

Wednesday, March 14 Day 261 and Thursday March 15 Day 262

I forgot to post yesterday.

Wednesday –
30 calories on bike
50 sit ups
50 v ups
50 Russian twists
3 rounds

Blech.  My abs still hurt!

Thursday –
50 lunges
40 squats
30 push press (bar – 35#)
20 push ups
10 ring rows
4 rounds

My shoulder started aching in the 2nd round so I cut out some of the push ups and push presses.  The last round was the hardest, so I skipped the push ups completely.  This one has my arms AND my legs feeling like they are wet, heavy noodles right now!

Tuesday March 13 – Day 260

2 stair runs
10 burpees
10 ring rows
10 jump lunges
20 min AMRAP

4 full rounds + one stair run.

Having stairs AND burpees in the same workout exhaust me.  I’ve struggled keeping my eyes open, that’s for sure.

Thursday March 8 – Day 259

I don’t need to keep repeating myself, but I love AMRAP workouts.  Seriously, I do.  Within a certain time frame, I am done.  15 minutes, 20 minutes, whatever amount of time he gives me.

12 box jumps
10 v ups
8 push press
15 minute AMRAP
5 rounds + 10 box jumps

I love knowing exactly how long my workout is going to take me.  I love knowing that at 15 minutes, when my alarm goes off on my phone, I am done for the day.  I also find that I push myself more during one of these workouts.  I love them.