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Archive for May, 2012

Thursday May 24 – Day 296

15 goblet squats
15 ring rows
15 burpees
5 rounds:  FAST

Huh.  Something brand new added onto burpees.  And he puts FAST on there?  I think not.

Goblet squats:  hold a kettlebell at chest level and do a squat.  Not as easy as it sounds, trust me.  The smallest kettlebell we have is 53 pounds.  I did the first two rounds with the kb and then switched to a 40 pound dumbbell, thinking it would be easier/lighter.  The kb is MUCH easier to hold than the db is during those squats.  Next time, I’ll just suck it up and do the kb 😛

Burpees slow me down.  They always have and I have a feeling they always will.

Tuesday May 22 – Day 295

20 minutes AMRAP

10 calories on bike
12 box jumps
15 push ups

5 rounds + 10 calories on bike

Monday May 21 – Day 294

5 stair runs
20 burpees
50 sit ups
20 calories on bike
3 rounds

What I actually did:
4 stair runs
15 burpees
50 sit ups
20 calories on bike
3 rounds

Cutting back by one stair run per round did NOT help.  I thought I was going to hyperventilate a few times, but I didn’t and I held it together.

Happy birthday, my friend.

Today would have been Todd’s 46th birthday.  Instead, we are counting down to the 7th anniversary of his death on the 27th of next month.

However, today, I’m remembering his smile, his laugh, his voice, the silliness we shared together.  He was, without a doubt, my platonic soul mate.  Gone too soon and never, ever forgotten.

Happy birthday, Todd.  I miss you.

Friday May 18, Day 293

20 minute AMRAP

20 squats
20 push ups
20 ring rows

4 rounds + 20 squats and 17 push ups

I found I had to rest a lot during the push ups and ring rows.  My arms were shaking something fierce and currently feel like wet noodles.  Awesome!

Wednesday May 16 – Day 292

3 stair runs w/20# db
20 box jumps (20 inch box)
10 burpees
5 rounds
100 laying leg raises (for time)

What I actually did:
2 stair runs w/25# db (we don’t have 20 pound dumbbells)
20 box jumps
10 burpees
5 rounds

100 laying leg raises – this one was weird.  Had to lay on my back in front of one of the poles that holds the pull up bars and put my hands on the pole about a foot above my head and then lay my legs out straight and raise them up until my toes touch the pole.

Of course, I timed both portions of this disgusting POS workout.  The first time will go to me with my grave.  It wasn’t super bad, but it was horrible anyway.  The leg raises were pretty easy and I did that in 9:40.

How much weight have you lost?

So I was standing there, talking with The Trainer and another firefighter.  We were talking about working out and I had just asked the Trainer to put something on the board for me for the day.

The other firefighter was making excuses, as we all do at one point or another, about not working out and not finding the time, etc.  I informed her that I made a commitment when I started this.  I force myself to do it on some days, but most days it’s just an automatic thing for me to do.  It’s become a habit and a part of my life.  I schedule my social life around my workouts.

The Trainer then looked at me and said “How much weight have you lost?”  So I immediately (and proudly) said, “30 pounds, 2 dress sizes and I’m on my way to a 3rd size.  I started at 196 pounds, size 14.  I am now 165 pounds and size 10 and those are baggy on me.  Best thing I’ve ever decided to do for myself besides move away from Las Vegas.”

And THAT is my success story for the day.  Now if I could just quit smoking, I’d be golden.  Oh well.  Even with my smoking, I’m still down there every day giving it my all.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 15 – Day 291

50 calories on bike
50 butterfly sit ups
50 squats
50 push ups
50 db push press
2 rounds

I ended up switching around the squats and push ups.  During the first round, I did it exactly how he gave it to me and found that trying to do push presses after push ups was a no go for me.  I could hardly feel my arms after the push ups.  So I did the push ups before the squats in the 2nd round and did much better with the presses.

Friday May 11 – Day 290

I never got anything from him today, so I made up something myself.

15 minute AMRAP

10 box jumps
10 sit ups
10 push press (35# barbell)

I did a full 5 rounds.  I half assed it and I could have done more, I think.

Thursday May 10 – Day 289

5 stair runs
15 minute AMRAP
5 jumping pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
20 butterfly sit ups
5 stair runs