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Archive for June, 2012

Friday June 29 – Day 312

I skipped two days this week for different reasons. I’m thinking I should have skipped today too.

50ft OH walking lunges – 25 pounds (hold 25# plate overhead and go 50 feet)
21 burpees
5 rounds

In the 3rd round of burpees, I felt something pop near the front of my left shoulder. That is all she wrote right there. I finished the burpees and then did the 4th round of lunges and could not do it. My arm was shaking. When I told The Trainer where it was hurting, he said it’s the labrum and I either tore it or just pulled it.

I’m thinking I just pulled it because it is NOT excruciating pain right now (I am icing it as I type this). I will ice it off and on the entire weekend and see how it is Monday. If it’s still giving me fits, I will make an appointment.

Oh the memories

The memories this day brings up are just intense and sometimes breath taking. I have a busy day ahead, as I work until 4pm and then have union business until 9pm. I will leave the house at 7am and not get home until close to 10pm. The only good thing about this is that I won’t be able to sit here and think about Rex and Todd. One of the bad things about this day will be that I won’t have time to go sit with Rex on the anniversary of his death. He’s buried here, which I did not find out until after I moved here. It kind of creeped me out at first when I found out, but now it’s kind of comforting.

Rex was 26 when he passed away in 1999. My beautiful blonde, blue eyed ex-boyfriend. He was so precious to all of us that were involved in his life. He was special, loyal, full of integrity and knew how to make us laugh. He had a lot of life ahead of him and it was taken away. It just seems so wrong, but I know there is a purpose for it that I know nothing about. God needed to call him home to be an angel for us.

Todd was 39 when he passed away in 2005. He too had a lot of life left ahead of him. My Will Truman. Some days, I feel lost without him, even today. Again, it seems so wrong to me that someone so precious and special would be taken from us in this life. I remind myself once more that there is a purpose I know nothing about and God needed him. I repeat this over and over again with Todd’s death. It’s been 7 years and sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. Other times, it feels like it was decades ago.

I’ve evolved and changed so very much since his death it amazes me I even recognize myself. I go through these changes and realize I’m in yet another evolution of self and wonder where it’ll take me this time.

Today, my heart and mind are with Rex and Todd’s family and friends as they deal with the anniversary of their loved ones’ death. While it’s been hard on me, I can’t imagine how hard it’s been on them.

RIP, Todd & Rex. Know that you are loved, missed and thought of fondly.

Tuesday June 26 – Day 311

Some days, I am amazed I can still move when I’m done with the workout.  I was laying on the blue mat after I finished and I was shaking.  SHAKING!  On the good side, I’m taking tomorrow off due to union business that starts shortly after I get off work at 4pm.

20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

5 ring rows
10 push ups
15 squats
20 sit ups

I did 11 or 12 rounds.  I Rx’d this workout too! Very rare for me to be able to do the workout the exact way he gives it to me. Either it’s too hard or I just don’t have the confidence. During this one, I lost count twice at #7 so there could have even been 13 rounds completed, but I’m going with the 11 or 12.  I got a thumbs up from The Trainer after he asked me how many rounds I did and I explained.  I’m kind of looking forward to having tomorrow off from the workouts.  Yesterday and today has me feeling exhausted already and it’s only Tuesday!

Monday June 25 – Day 310

The Trainer forgot to send me something on Friday, so I skipped that day.

I got a wild hair and actually reminded him this afternoon to send me something.  Be careful what you ask for people, that’s all I’m saying.

7 shoulder press (25# dumbbell)

9 SDHP with kettlebell (53#) SDHP stands for Sumo Deadlift High Pull.  I’ve linked a video of it so you can see what it is if you’re interested.

11 burpees

1 stair run

15 minute AMRAP (I did 4 full rounds)

and then:

4 sets of 20 lying down leg raises

This is what I get for reminding him that he forgot to send me something.  He was making up for Friday and added it to today’s workout.  The sense of accomplishment I get after completing one of these workouts has yet to diminish.

Changes to my blog

You’ll notice a lot of new blog posts here on The Soda Stand.  I had my brother help me in converting my workout blog to this one.  I was keeping them separate and realized I didn’t want to do that anymore.  I can guarantee you’ll see posts almost everyday unless I change up the format on how I post my workouts.

I’m going to be talking a lot about my working out and CrossFit because it’s the only thing (besides Josie) that is keeping me sane lately.

When he imported the posts from Blogger, I’m hoping no one’s feed readers blew up with the 300+ posts over there.  However, if it did, I apologize and I’m asking that you forgive me!

Until next time…

Thursday June 21 – Day 309

5 stair runs
10 box jumps
10 kb sdhp
10 burpees
3 rounds
5 rounds of 1 minute plank holds

In the 3rd round, I missed a box jump and put my right hand out to catch myself.  Needless to say, the workout was over and I came home to ice it.

I’m glad I have wrist braces from my carpal tunnel and will brace it tonight as well.  Fun times.

5 years.

I snagged this image off the Facebook page.  It’s been 5 years today since the Puppy Monster was taken at such an early age, leaving behind sadness and pain.  Today, I’m thinking of NYCWD and his family and sending all my love.

Wednesday June 20 – Day 308

15 minute AMRAP

5 ring rows
10 push ups
15 squats

I did 9 rounds plus 5 ring rows.  My arms were shaking by the time I finished.

I think I could have pushed myself a little more, had I not stopped to sip my water a couple of times, I may have gotten 10 rounds, maybe 11.  Oh well 🙂

Tuesday June 19 Day 307

kb sumo deadlift high pull
GHD sit ups (WTF!?)
as fast as possible
100 butterfly sit ups for time

He’s never given me GHD anything.  It’s a torture device.  I’ve watched a few of them use it.  No one was there to help me with them so I tried it on my own and my throat closed with panic and tears and my entire body started shaking.  The fear of getting stuck or falling off and hurting myself was so strong, I could not do them.

So I did the workout without those GHD sit ups.

First part, I did in 10:33 and the butterfly sit ups I did in 4:23

Monday June 18 – Day 306

I skipped Friday since I had the day off.

3 stair runs
50 squats – touch butt on wall ball (super deep squats)
20 push ups
15 ring rows
5 rounds

I did only 4 rounds.  I had trouble breathing during this workout thanks to those freaking stairs!