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Archive for September, 2012

Friday September 28

Every now and then, when he texts me a workout, I get selective in what I read. He sends me a list of stuff to do and I sometimes miss something. I think it’s subconscious on my part to just “skip” over something….

10 deadlifts (115# – 20 pounds heavier than my usual)
15 sit ups
20 squats
5 rounds

5 minute planks on each side (left, right, normal)

I did the 5 rounds of stuff and then somehow missed the planks completely. I didn’t even write them down like I normally do. lol Thankfully, I can do the planks here at home.

Thursday September 27

Back at it today! In the middle of my workout, I texted The Trainer and said “What the F*CK is up with all this cardio?!?!?” His response, “It’s good for you.” Seriously!

2 stair runs
20 calories on bike
20 burpees
4 rounds

I cheated on the burpees and did not do a total of 20 per round, but I did do at least 10 per round. It kicked my butt. This entire workout kicked my lungs into overdrive. It was bad. I’m sleepy now.

Tuesday September 25

They were doing dive training today, so I didn’t hear back from the Trainer. I decided to make up a 20 minute AMRAP for myself and get something in anyway.

10 box jumps (20″ box)
10 push press (pink barbell – 35# or 45# can’t remember)
10 squats

I did 9 rounds plus 2 box jumps. I can hardly raise my arms now above my shoulders and I am quite sore. I’m feeling good though, so I think getting back into my routine of working out everyday is going to be very beneficial for me.

Monday September 24

Day 2 of getting back into the routine of working out. I struggled with this one today, on the time it took me, but I finished it and I Rx’d the shit out of it.

25 calories on bike
20 lunges
20 bench dips
20 jump squats
4 rounds
time: 28:13

I’m not worried about the time right now, just getting back into the groove of getting my ass kicked daily. It has been two days (Friday and today) that I’ve been back to Crossfit and it’s AMAZING the calmness I feel because of it being back in my routine. I seriously needed this during the last two weeks, but better late than never, right? Now I can get back to me in all aspects of my life.

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Friday September 21

I am so very glad to be posting this!  I’ve spent two weeks running on the treadmill and I hate it.  I’ve been doing it, just so I wouldn’t lose all of my conditioning over the last two weeks!

The gym is still nasty, however, unless we are on the floor of the gym – it should be safe (so says The Trainer and we all know how much I trust him).  So I took his word for it and had him send me something.

My first Crossfit workout in two weeks:

1 stair run
10 ring rows
20 squats
20 minute AMRAP

I did 6 full rounds before almost losing my lunch. It felt so wonderful to be sore and have trouble breathing. Yes, I know most of you won’t understand that. After 2 years of rarely missing a workout, having had to go two weeks was like torture. My legs are sore today from the squats and my arms a little wobbly from the ring rows. I’m good.

There are two things that center me in life – GA meetings and Crossfit workouts. When that mess exploded and I started dealing with those emotions, GA was not enough to help me feel centered and “right” After that workout yesterday, I’m feeling more centered than I have in those two weeks. It was wonderful.

Monday September 17

The gym and basement are STILL not cleaned up.  We have dried up fecal matter down there folks.  Sewer water.  Stuff from the sewer was allowed to dry up, be dry mopped and left to rot.  *sigh*  The company that was supposed to clean it up is coming in tomorrow morning (their manager) to see what the deal is and to set a plan to get that cleaned.

Relegated to the treadmill again today:  I was on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  I ran 2 minutes and walked 1 minute alternately and ended up going 1.75 miles.  This is slight improvement from last week when I did 25 minutes, alternating every 1 minute and went 1.25 miles.

I will most likely be on the treadmill again tomorrow too.  *sigh*  I really need a good Crossfit workout, lifting weights and squats and lunges and push ups and ring rows.  Oh my.

Tuesday September 11

I didn’t post this right away, since I was trying to remain silent, so I’m writing it on the 11th and setting it to post tomorrow morning.

Our gym is still jacked up from the sewer line back up and consequent flooding of our entire basement, including the gym.  They have yet to go down there and really “clean” it and there is, what appears to be, dried mud all over the basement from the stairs into the gym and out the other door into the lounge type area and into the storage areas of the basement.

I did 25 minutes on the treadmill – walking 1 minute and running 1 minute alternately.  I ended up going about 1.5 miles, which I’m happy with.  I can’t wait until the gym is fixed.  My stress and anxiety levels are through the roof and the treadmill is not cutting it.

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Never Forget – Stephen Mulderry, one of 2,996

Back in 2006, on the 5th anniversary of 9-11, several other bloggers and I participated in a tribute to the victims of 9/11/01. We were each given a name and asked to post something about that person and our opinions of what kind of person we saw/read about. The name I was given was Stephen Mulderry.

Each year since that time, I go silent on The Soda Stand in memory of Stephen and all the other lives lost. This is the same post from back then, just copied and pasted. This post will be here until I post again on the blog again on 9/12/12. Never Forget.

Before I start my tribute, I’d like to thank DC Roe for getting this started and for all of his hard work. I’d like to thank all the bloggers taking part and all the people who have helped DC Roe finalize this tribute. It’s huge, it’s moving and I’m honored to be a part of it. This is a sticky post. It will be at the top of my blog until after 9/11/06. 2,996 people died on 9/11/01. People like Stephen. Don’t forget. I know I won’t.

This post is dedicated to the life of Stephen V Mulderry who was on the 89th floor of the World Trade Center when it was hit by a plane. All of the information I’ve gained is from obituaries and online websites dedicated to the victims of September 11.

The impression I got from everything I read, was one of happiness, family, love and generosity. It seems he was generous with his time and love and he loved to help people. I can’t say that I knew him. But I can say I’ve known people like him and I wish I had known him. People who take up the whole room when they enter. Their energy and magnetism just light up the room. There’s no mistaking the charismatic look in his eye in the pictures I’ve seen of him.

When I look at the picture of him, I envision a tall, lanky, happy man who is secure in himself and in the world he has immersed himself in. I see passion and strength. I see happiness and love. I feel a warmth spread from my heart, at the same time as feeling incredible sadness that the world lost someone like him.

Everything I’ve read on the internet has given me the impression that the man never rested. He was always doing something for someone. He was always working at something that he loved, like being a top equity trader and a vice president of the employee-owned investment banking and brokerage firm, Keefe, Bruyette and Woods. Even in high school and college, Stephen did for others. He worked as a counselor and mentor at Project Strive, in Albany, an after school and summer program for grammar school students.

Stephen Vincent William Mulderry was born on May 4, 1968 in Albany, NY. Stephen had seven siblings, Amy, Andrew, Daniel, Peter, Anne Connel, Alexandra Andreani, Bill and Dara. Stephen’s parents were Anne and Bill Mulderry. Stephen attended Bishop Maginn Diocesan High School. After graduation, he attended the University of Albany.

Stephen moved to New York City after graduating from college, to pursue his career. When he first moved to the City, he was delivering chocolate milk to bodegas and he was a bartender. It’s been said that he poured energy into everything he did. Whether it be work, family, or basketball. He loved playing basketball and played it throughout college, where he led the team as point guard for three seasons.

Stephen’s nickname on the basketball court (and probably other places) was Zipper. I’d say this was because of his speed and agility on the basketball court. While playing basketball in the city leagues, he was voted Most Valuable Player during the Lower East Side Hamilton Fish tournament.

Everything I read also told me that he was a gifted musician, singer and dancer. People have said he had a quick and kind wit. He was uninhibited with his appreciation of other people’s talents. In one of the many pages I’ve read, his brother, Andrew, had this to say: “He loved basketball, but he had four passions: friends, family, work and basketball. He was an incredible source of love and support for me. Even in the midst of this horrible circumstance, I feel nothing but blessed for the older brother I have.”

What an incredible source of light and memory we have. Stephen Mulderry, I pray that you are resting in peace. Know that we remember you and what you did while you were with us on earth.

To the Mulderry family, I am incredibly sorry for your loss. I am also very humbled and grateful that I was able to write this memorial for your son, brother, friend and loved one. May you find joy and happiness as you continue to remember the wonderful person that Stephen was.