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Friday September 21

I am so very glad to be posting this!  I’ve spent two weeks running on the treadmill and I hate it.  I’ve been doing it, just so I wouldn’t lose all of my conditioning over the last two weeks!

The gym is still nasty, however, unless we are on the floor of the gym – it should be safe (so says The Trainer and we all know how much I trust him).  So I took his word for it and had him send me something.

My first Crossfit workout in two weeks:

1 stair run
10 ring rows
20 squats
20 minute AMRAP

I did 6 full rounds before almost losing my lunch. It felt so wonderful to be sore and have trouble breathing. Yes, I know most of you won’t understand that. After 2 years of rarely missing a workout, having had to go two weeks was like torture. My legs are sore today from the squats and my arms a little wobbly from the ring rows. I’m good.

There are two things that center me in life – GA meetings and Crossfit workouts. When that mess exploded and I started dealing with those emotions, GA was not enough to help me feel centered and “right” After that workout yesterday, I’m feeling more centered than I have in those two weeks. It was wonderful.

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