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Archive for October, 2012

Wednesday October 31

I cried. I had trouble breathing and my left knee gave out. But I did all of it except the last 2 stair runs.

5 stairs runs
ring rows
front squats
5 stair runs

I think I’ll go curl up in a fetal position, suck my thumb and cry. I’m hurting!

Tuesday October 30

Every now and then, I get a little psychic with what he’s going to give me. I obsess all day on his duty days because I try to figure out what he’s going to give me. I realized today that he had not given me a cardio heavy workout in awhile. *sigh*

1 stair run
15 burpees
20 squats
10 box jumps
3 rounds

I rarely time myself on the super heavy cardio workouts. I almost always have to stop several times to catch my breath. I literally feel like my chest is caving in during some of them. I felt like I needed to throw up AND I felt like my chest was compressing in on me. It sucked. But I survived it and now I’m super sore.

Monday October 29

After the payroll we had, I was so ready for this workout. I just knew it was going to kick my butt and I was NOT disappointed!

10 goblet squats w/kettle bell
10 box jumps (20″ box)
10 push ups
10 v ups
20 minute AMRAP

I did 6 rounds plus 10 goblet squats and 5 box jumps.

With goblet squats, you hold the kb at chest level and then do an air squat. The kb was 53 pounds and didn’t “feel” heavy until about round 4. After that, I had to slow down to concentrate on my form because I could feel myself losing good form during the squat.

Saturday October 27

I know! It’s a weekend, what am I doing posting about workouts? Earlier this week I had decided that if I miss more than one workout during the week, I would go in at least once on the weekend and get a workout in.

The Trainer had someone else come up with my workout, this person is also a Crossfit coach so I knew I was in for an ass kicking!

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes (explanation after)
10 squats
10 db presses (15#)
10 sit ups

For every unfinished round – 5 burpee penalty.

Explanation: Each minute, I have to finish those 3 exercises. If I do not finish all 30 reps – then at the end of the 10 minutes I have to do the burpee penalty.

I did 25 burpees at the end. This means I did NOT finish 5 of the 10 rounds. It kicked my ass!!!!

Friday October 26

This workout did two things to me today. It kicked my butt AND it made me realize I seriously need to consider and revisit the quitting smoking thing. It’s beginning to hold me back in my fitness level and routine and that does not please me.

10 ring rows
15 push ups
20 squats
25 sit ups
25 minute AMRAP
7 rounds + 10 ring rows & 5 push ups

Tuesday October 23

21 – 15 – 9

front squats
ring rows

I struggled with the form on the front squats. It’s not comfortable for my shoulders or my wrists.

Monday October 22

Sometimes, I need an ass kicking. And sometimes I give myself one. I haven’t heard from The Trainer in almost a week because he’s out of state for his 2nd job. I was sitting at work and decided to make up something for myself.

15 push press (45# barbell)
25 sit ups
15 push ups
25 squats
4 rounds

100 jump ropes

I kept tripping and getting my left foot caught in the jump rope lol It was quite comical.

Wednesday October 17

3 stair runs
20 push ups
30 squats
4 rounds

I kind of switched this up because I didn’t think my lungs could take 12 stair runs total. I did 2 stair runs in the first round; 100 jump ropes in the second; 2 stair runs in the 3rd round and 3 stair runs in the 4th. Even cutting back that little bit, I thought it was going to kill me lol

Tuesday October 16

I never heard back from him and so I half assed a workout. At least I went down there and did something!

10 push ups
10 knee ups
10 squats
15 minute AMRAP

I did 7 rounds. I moved really slow and didn’t really push myself. I was in a weird mood yesterday.

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