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Archive for November, 2012

Thursday November 29

I haven’t been sleeping very well, so I was hoping he’d go a little easy on me. I think one of the other guys who knew I wasn’t feeling 100% talked to him cause he went super easy on me and even checked on me a few times to make sure it wasn’t too hard lol

10 calories on bike
10 box jumps
10 lunges
10 v ups
1 stair runs
5 rounds: 27:51

I also talked to him about what my feet have been doing. They cramp up, are sore and achy all the time, etc. I told him I know it’s not low potassium (I eat bananas all the time and drink lots of water) and he proceeded to tell me I could be drinking too much water and am washing away all my electrolytes. Ooops. So he suggested I get some Pedialyte (since I dislike Gatorade) and see how that works. I got my first (in a week) full 6 hours of sleep last night. The Pedialyte tastes BARELY better than Gatorade to me, but if it does the trick, I’ll drink it every few days to keep the cramps away! My feet feel better this morning than they have in a while so I’m a believer.

Monday November 26

The bad thing about holiday weekends is that I rarely, if ever, feel like working out during them. By the time 4pm rolled around today, I was ready and willing to get my workout on and sweat my ass off, feel pukey, and have trouble breathing!

1) (this is a warm up)
10 wall balls (12# med ball)
5 burpees
3 rounds for time (4:03)

Warm up my ass! Holy crap. I was ready to throw in the towel after this. Burpees kill me! After resting about 5 minutes:

2) 8 minute AMRAP:
2 thrusters (45# barbell)
5 v ups
10 box jumps (20″ box)
3 rounds + 2/5/7

So basically, I almost did 4 full rounds but was 3 box jumps short of that.

Whatever. It kicked my ass.

Tuesday November 20

My arms are still weak from this workout. Good Lord!

25 calories on bike
25 jump squats
25 ring rows
4 rounds

time: 27:34

Umm. Ouch. Jump squats cause my toes to cramp up something fierce for about 2 hours after the workout and the ring rows killed my arms. They were shaking by the time I got to the 3rd round, but I pushed through and Rx’d the shit outta this workout.

Monday November 19

I didn’t know if I’d be running the track at UofL or doing a regular workout. Thankfully, it worked out to where I could just use our gym.

1 stair run carrying the wall ball (20#)
10 burpees
10 box jumps
25 v ups
5 rounds

I ended up using the 12# wall ball because the guys were already using the 20 pound one. It effectively kicked my butt.

Wednesday November 14

I went into the gym last night and they were getting their asses beat. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who gets beat up on with these workouts. On this platoon day, I was told that I am going to start doing what they are doing. It’s usually written on the white board. The Trainer scaled it down quite a bit for me so that I could do it.

7 rounds:
12 thrusters (45# barbell)
9 high knee ups
1 stair run carrying 20# med ball

26:34 was my time. Pretty good time if you ask me. While I’m not really looking forward to doing the same workouts that the guys do, at least I know The Trainer and the other Crossfit coach on shift will help me scale it down to my skill level. And sometimes it’s only once a week I’ll have to do that since they are on every 3rd day.

Monday November 12

This is what he gave me:
100 calories on bike
25 ring rows
50 push ups
100 squats
200 sit ups
100 calories on bike

What I actually did before/after my left knee went wonky on me a bit:
100 calories on bike
25 ring rows
50 push ups
80 squats
200 sit ups

During the squats, my left knee gave out on me a few times and it hurt to move it at all, so I stopped the squats and did not do the last 100 calories on the bike. I hate it when my body won’t do what I want it to do!

Friday November 9

He went pretty easy on me.  Most likely because they kicked my ass yesterday.

50 calories on the bike
10 minute AMRAP
10 sit ups
20 Russian twists
(11 rounds + 5 sit ups)
50 calories on bike

Have a great weekend!

Thursday October 8

Here is what was on the board for the guys to do:

7 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
50 double unders (or 100 single jump ropes)
15 pull ups

rest 1 minute

7 minute AMRAP
5 deadlifts (225#)
10 wall balls

rest 1 minute

3 minute AMRAP
back squats (95# from the ground)

This is what I did:

7 minute AMRAP
100 single jump ropes
5 pull ups (with resistance band assistance)
3 rounds + 25 jump ropes
rest 2 minutes

7 minute AMRAP
5 deadlifts (95#)
10 wall balls
4 rounds + 2 dl
rest 2 minutes

3 minute AMRAP
back squats (45# empty barbell from the ground)
30 squats

Tuesday November 6

I voted.

I also got my butt kicked. First workout since last week. It was rough. I half assed it. I did NOT Rx this one.

2 stair runs
5 burpees
10 deadlifts
5 rounds
50 sit ups
50 Russian twists
3 rounds