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Archive for April, 2013

Tuesday April 16, 2013

12 minute AMRAP:
25 v ups
10 deadlifts (83#)
4 rounds + 30 reps = total of 170 reps
5 minute plank holds.

I had to modify the planks and do them on my knees, instead of my toes. Bending my toes back like that is excruciating so I modified it myself. They still suck ass though. That’s for sure.

Monday April 15, 2013

First, let me address the horrible events in Boston – my prayers are with the families of those who have died and are injured. My prayers for a speedy recovery for the injured and my prayers for strength and courage for everyone directly involved. Horrible actions. The world is becoming a very sad, angry, evil place.

1 minute of each:
ring rows
push ups
v ups
3 rounds for total reps:
224 reps

Monday April 8, 2013

I’m determined to keep my fitness levels up and I’m trying to build a schedule so that I workout one day, rest the next, etc. We’ll see how I do with the schedule.

250m row
30 sit ups
25 squats
250m row
30 sit ups
25 squats
250m row
30 sit ups
25 squats
250m row

I love the row machine. It’s a great way to warm up the shoulders AND it’s a great way to get cardio into my workout without having to run or do burpees, both of which kill me feet.

Friday April 5, 2013

I can’t do much with my feet acting a fool lately, but I’m trying to get something in most days, so that I don’t put on weight that I’ve already lost and I don’t regress in my fitness. Although I’ve already taken a few steps back and HAVE gained a couple pounds.

500m row
50 squats
50 db push press (20# each hand)
500 m row
50 knee ups hanging from the pull bar

It was enough to kick my butt, while not destroying my feet too much. The rower DOES engage the ball of my foot and toes, but it doesn’t seem to hurt as bad as burpees or running.

Thursday April 4, 2013

My foot is bugging. The days I try to muscle through and just do a workout, ends up with me and my foot not being very happy.

100 v ups
50 squats
50 push ups
50 ring rows
100 sit ups

3 minute planks

I couldn’t do the planks – unless I modified them and did it on my knees. Which is what I did, but the foot was already enraged from the push ups and it was too late to try to save it. Ouch.