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Friday April 5, 2013

I can’t do much with my feet acting a fool lately, but I’m trying to get something in most days, so that I don’t put on weight that I’ve already lost and I don’t regress in my fitness. Although I’ve already taken a few steps back and HAVE gained a couple pounds.

500m row
50 squats
50 db push press (20# each hand)
500 m row
50 knee ups hanging from the pull bar

It was enough to kick my butt, while not destroying my feet too much. The rower DOES engage the ball of my foot and toes, but it doesn’t seem to hurt as bad as burpees or running.

2 Responses to “Friday April 5, 2013”

  • Lynda says:

    Are you still working with a trainer? They should be able to modify for you so you don’t do so much foot work.

  • Sodapop says:

    Yes and no. Sometimes he gives me a workout and sometimes I make stuff up myself. We can’t seem to find anything that does NOT hurt my foot at some point during the workout, so I just push through most days.

    I can’t jump, run, push up (engages the toes), planks, etc. I modify the planks and push ups to on the knees and just skip the burpees, box jumps, etc. But even just “lifting” and sit ups, I end up hurting my foot because it’s in a shoe and that eventually pinches.

    It sucks 🙁 We work on it and each time we do something that hurts a lot, we switch it up for next time.