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The basic elements

There are several lifts that we use in Crossfit. There are the basics like front squat, back squat, overhead squat, shoulder press (shoulder to overhead), push press, etc. and then there are the more complicated cleans, power cleans, clean and jerks, deadlifts, sumo deadlift high pull (my personal fave.)

It’s been about a year since I’ve done a workout inside a Crossfit box. It’s been a year since my foot allowed me to wear tennis shoes for more than a minute before pinching the nerves and setting my foot on fire. Yes, I wear wide width shoes. Yes, I’ve been fitted for workout shoes. My foot has been a problem for a long time.

After my surgery in June of 2013, I went on workout hiatus. It resulted in me gaining back most, if not all, of the weight I had lost. I didn’t want to find that weight again.

Yesterday after work, I went to the Crossfit gym and a friend from work walked me through the “elements” of Crossfit and the basic lifts, along with deadlifts. I felt a little sore, my foot behaved for the most part for about an hour. By the time I got home, my foot was on fire, so I took the shoe off and I had immediate relief.

I decided I would keep going to the gym, several times a week.

Today, I went to do a regular workout (WOD) and decided to do what they had written on the board, which is basically what everyone taking a Crossfit class would do.

This is what was on the board:
4 rounds of
15 shoulder to overhead (135/95)
15 K2E (knees to elbows)
400m run

This is what I actually did:
4 rounds of
15 shoulder to overhead (45#)
15 v ups
400m row

My goal was to do it in less than 20 minutes. I barely made that mark, but I did it. Immediately after the workout, after catching my breath, I got my gym bag and changed my shoes to flip flops. It helped my foot quite a bit on the ride home.

I then got in my car to come home and got stuck in the worst traffic ever and it took me an hour! However, even the horrific traffic could not ruin the mood I was in after finishing that workout.

Until next time…

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