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April 15 – well that didn’t take long!

When I worked out regularly over a year ago, extremely cardio heavy workouts would make me feel pukey. And sometimes, I’d give in to that feeling, let myself vomit, (after running to the restroom of course – puking on a gym floor is unacceptable LOL) and then go back to finishing the workout.

After work, I made my way to the gym and looked to see what the WOD was for today. Here is what was on the board:

500m row
15 deadlifts (185/125)
25 ring dips
35 air squats
3 rounds

Needless to say, I can’t do 125# deadlift, so I adjusted the weight on that to 65#. Then, I realized I can’t do ring dips. One of the coaches helped me with a band on the rings and I couldn’t stabilize myself, so she moved me over to the bar they use for that stuff.

She also told me to lower the amount per round, as it’s a very cardio intensive workout. And this is what I ended up doing:

500m row
15 deadlift (65#)
15 bar dips
25 squats
2.5 rounds

I say 2.5 rounds because during the rowing of the 3rd round, I felt pukey but pushed through to the bar dips. During the bar dips, I almost lost it so we know what happened after that! When I came back out to finish the workout, my right foot cramped up to the point I could hardly move it for a few minutes. I knew then that I was done for the day.

I love being back in the gym. Even though I’m not going every single day like I was, it feels good to be going every other day or so. Wednesday is a rest day for me and I’ll be back in the gym on Thursday.

Until next time…

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