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Getting back to a routine

For the last year, I’ve used my foot surgery and a few other things going on in my life as excuses to stay away from the gym (in the firehouse or the Crossfit box I belong to) and I’m done with that.

Today, I used the gym in the firehouse so I’d have a little motivation from people I know.

One of the Captains was doing:

5 rounds of:
250m row
20 double under (jump ropes)
20 kettlebell swings (75#)
How long it took him to do one round – he would rest that same amount of time. This means, if it took him 3 minutes to do the first round, then he rested 3 minutes before starting the 2nd, etc.

So I decided to do something similar and this is what I did:
3 rounds of:
250m row
20 box step ups
20 db swings (25#)
It took me a total of 16:36 to complete, including the resting times. It kicked my ass pretty well.

I’m on a new maintenance medication for the asthma and today was my first dosage of that. I have to say, my lungs have not felt this clear in a very long time, even when I was a nonsmoker for about 5 weeks! I’m still going to try the quitting smoking thing. While I realized I don’t really want to quit smoking, I do know that I will be better off as a nonsmoker, health wise.

I’m glad to be getting back into a routine of sorts with my workouts and I am beginning to enjoy the feeling of the workouts again.

Until next time…

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