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Doing what the big kids do

So I challenged myself today to do one workout that was on the main Crossfit website ( I went through the website and I settled on the WOD from yesterday, Thursday the 17th.

10 rounds of:
1 minute of rowing
rest 15 seconds
30 seconds of shoulder press
rest 15 seconds
total meters and total reps of the presses is your score.

I got to the Ville at around 2:20 after taking some vacation time at work. I changed into my workout clothes, did some stretching, set up my little piece of paper to write down my meters and reps and then set the stop watch on my iPhone. After setting my bar (45#) on the rack so I could easily shoulder press it, I hit start on the stop watch and off I went.

Round 1 – 200/14
Round 2 – 195/12
Round 3 – 190/9
Round 4 – 203/10
Round 5 – 199/7
Round 6 – 194/7
Round 7 – 190/7
Round 8 – 193/8
Round 9 – 196/7
Round 10- 188/7

total meters rowed – 1948
total shoulder press – 88
Time to complete – 24:22

My shoulders already hurt and my legs feel like jelly. There is one good thing about the rowing machine, it makes my foot feel fantastic. I’m wondering if my foot responds so well to that because it’s working out the scar tissue at the incision point. I don’t know.

I struggled with the shoulder presses, as you can see from my numbers. I think I also rested more than 15 seconds between eat exercise station. I’m okay with that. I completed a big kid workout!!! YAY me!!

Time for two days of rest, since it’s the weekend and the gym is not open during times that work for me.

Until next time…

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